About Us

Welcome to VEPSUN!

Since 2010, Vepsun has grown to become the largest independent IT training institutes. We offer most advanced technologies than any other computer and business training company. Businesses and individuals can choose from the course offerings, delivered by experts. Whether your organisation is a large multinational or a small business, we can bring the appropriate skills, experience and contacts to bear. Our marketing communications department can advise on appropriate ways to communicate your message, from a static brochure website, all the way through to hundreds of pages on on-line information updated minute by minute. We believe that Vepsun offers excellence at every level, whether it be the delivery of technical consultancy, training, project implementation, or applying our experience working and research into successful Internet marketing techniques.

To be at the Virtualization Technology.

To be a key player in deployment of knowledge and technology and know how for the benefit of our internal and external stakeholders.

At us we always measure the every extra feat towards ultimate customer satisfaction. Our focus is towards delivering high end services to make our customer content.

We actively welcome and value people with different experiences and perspectives. We encourage every view that can help us to provide best services. Together we share purpose and function as a team towards attaining the organizational goal.

We are a people who embrace and stand ready for change. We are always with an enterprising spirit, striving for innovations, who accept the risk-taking that come with it.